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Jeff Albrecht
US Phone: 303-554-0430 
Email: JeffAlbrecht@Mail.com 
This 2010-2011journey can be followed at www.BelizeEcoVillage.com and www.EcuadorEcoVillage.com

2004-Present      Summit Wood Door Refinishing and Radiance Refinishing

After years of construction into many different wall system types and alternative systems, I sort of stumbled into a niche in the Boulder/Denver area of refinishing entry ways.  I’m looking to expand this business by importing doors and entry ways from Ecuador and some Central American Countries, which all have amazing craftsmanship and pricing.  I still need to make sure that the wood is coming from sustainably harvested trees.  More information on this business can be seen at www.SummitWoodDoorRefinishing.com.

1971-Present      Explorations in Consciousness and Sub-Conscious Beliefs:

After spending years developing the third community, Whatcom EcoVillage, which morphed into Bellingham CoHousing, I realized that subconscious beliefs are at the heart of why innovation in living environments is so lacking.  In the year 2000, I began to explore subconscious programming in depth which resulted in a shift in perception in the year 2009.  I have written extensively about this journey and insights at www.GrandRecognition.com.
By the time I was 35, I figured out that I had over 3.5 years of time cumulatively spent in meditation.  I also tried many other personal development techniques including TM, TM Siddhis and a few other meditation techniques I can't remember the names of right now, Landmark (4 classes), Rolfing, EFT, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Connected Breathing, Hypnotherapy (clinical, past and inter-life regression- 650 classroom hours), NLP, Walking barefoot on Glass, Swimming with Dolphins, The Sedona Technique, Matrix Energetics, The Reconnection, Dialogue, spent time with several guru's and their retreats, yoga, tantra sex- extended love making, breath-work, sun-gazing, eye gazing, Tai Chi, Qi- Qoung, Ramtha, Shamanic journeys, Herbs, tinctures, essential oils, art therapy, couples psychotherapy, PSYCH-K (beginning and advanced classes several times and built the website and helped in the networking, marketing and organization for my last partner, Elizabeth, of 3-years, who is a PSYCH-K beginning and advanced instructor at www.GoingBeyondBeliefs.com), and many other techniques which seem to ellude me at this time.

2004 - 2006    Quit Smoking In One Session, Breckenridge CO

Owned a clinical hypnotherapy business on Main Street in Breckenridge, CO.  Primarily worked with smokers but also with worldclass atheletes to improve skiing performance, over weight issues and regression for many reasons.  Also utilized EFT and PSYCH-K in the process.

Founding and co-Founding Member of Three co-Housing Communities in West Seattle, WA, Fairfield, IA, and Bellingham, WA.  This involved over 4,000 hours of volunteer time.  The 4,000 hours included arranging all the initial meetings, presenting the framework on which to pull everyone together, running many consensus training and actual meetings, purchasing the land, working with the city and county governments, arranging financing, hiring architects and contractors, orienting new members, helping to establish working groups, conflict resolution, group timeline creation and modification, and many other functions combined with alot of energy and drive to see the last two of the three projects through to completion.

1997-2000          Founder, Whatcom Ecovillage.  Bellingham, WA 1997 - 2000.  Founded, conceptualized and
                            and promoted a 180 unit ecovillage with complete village center.  WEV became a co-founding 
                            member of Bellingham Cohousing- a completed 33-unit cohousing development on 6-acres with 
                            5,000 square feet of common space.  www.BellinghamCohousing.org

1992-1994         Founder, Meadowsong Common- a 65-acre, 20-unit lot cohousing development with 20-acres of
                           common space in Fairfield, IA.  1992-1994.

1980-1983         Founding Member, Seattle Cohousing Group. Visited intentional community groups across the US.  
                          Met with Charles Durret and Katie McCammet, creators of the term “Cohousing” in San Francisco in the early 
                          1980’s before they wrote The Cohousing Book.  Co-founded the Seattle Cohousing Group which gave             
                          birth to the first cohousing community in the US on Bainbridge Island, WA and later the main members
                          of the group into Puget Ridge Cohousing in 1988, completing construction of a 23-unit, 2.3 acre 
                          community with 4,000 square feet of common space in West Seattle, WA.
Natural Construction, Promoter and Innovator:
1997 - 2000    Owner, Greenlender.com. Langley, WA.  The first mortgage company in the US specializing in the 
                            financing of alternative home construction including strawbale, off-the-grid homes, cohousing 
                            communities and conventional.    

1989 - 2000      Owner, Our Legacy.  Fairfield, IA and Bellingham, WA.  A company operating a as a General 
                             Contractor with the following accomplishments:
                             ● Installed the first submerged-flow, constructed wetland aquatic septic field in the State 
                             of Washington in 1998, and in the State of Iowa in 1992.
                             ● Installed approximately 10 solar systems in Iowa between 1990 - 1993.
                             ● Sold over 1500 solar electric panels and 150 hot water panels.  Dealer for over 20 various
                             companies in the renewable energy and appliance field.
                             ● Installed and maintained 8- 165’ tilt-up towers and 3- 300’ communications towers with digital 
                             logging equipment for a statewide wind assessment program for the State of Iowa and the Iowa
                             Wind Energy Institute.  1991-1994.
                             ● Marketed the largest wind generator powering a single business in the US at the time in 1994.
                             Est. savings of 1-million dollars over its 30-year lifespan.  Located in Adair, IA 50’ off I-70.
                            President, Midwest Wind and Energy, 1993-1994.  Manufactured 40’-165’ tilt-up towers for small wind
                             generators and digital logging equipment.
                             ● Coordinated over one-dozen environmental conferences in Iowa between 1989-1994.
                             ● Won an Iowa State Award and National Award from the National Propane Association for design
                             and installation of a hybrid solar electric system and hot water system, plus an EMF abatement 
                             system in a double-walled rammed earth brick home in Fairfield, Iowa.
                             ● Additional projects as General and Sub Contractor include building types such as rammed earth,
                             strawbale, strawclay, log, timber frame and conventional building construction.

1986 - 1989        Superintendant, Bill Buchan Construction. Bellevue, WA.  The largest custom home builder in the Seattle/
                            Bellevue area at that time.  Oversaw the construction of 4-5 $500,000 custom homes from start to finish.  Price of 
                            the construction of these homes in 2010 dollars would be approximately 2-million each.

2009                60 hour intern Growing Power, Milwaukee, WI- Greenhouse, Aquaculture, Composting, Animals
2003-2004	      200 hour certification course for hypnotherapist, Denver, CO
2004-2005	      450 hour certification course through ACHE certified clinical hypnotherapist, Santa Fe, New Mexico
1999-2000	      80 RE Appraisal Credits, Mykut School of Real Estate, Lynnwood, WA
1999                Accepted into PhD Program at the University of British Columbia with Dr. Bill Rees as Sponsor- co-author of “Our         
                        Ecological Footprint”.  Independently directed program was to explore if an integrated village could pay for itself
                        using Whatcom EcoVillage as the test case.
1998                Master Composter Program completion, Bellingham, WA 
1990		      Intern John Denver’s Windstar Foundation- Buckminster Fuller’s Biodome, Old Snowmass, CO
1989		      Owner-Builder Curriculum, Shelter Institute, Bath, Maine
1984-1986	      Environmental Home Inspector, International Inst. Of Bau-biology, Clearwater, FL
1984-1987	      Washington State Real Estate License
1980-1981	      MBA, University of  Alaska, completed 1.5 years of a 2-year program
1973-1976	      BA, Psychology Major, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA
1971-1973	      AA, General Degree, Shoreline Community College, Seattle, WA

Recent Past Affiliations

2001-2003	    Parent Steering Group Member, Haleakala Waldorf School, Kula (Maui, HI) 
2000-2002	    Vice-President, Board of Directors, Maui Real Estate Investors Association
1997-2001     Board of Directors, Iowa Renewable Energy Association


1988		How to Save $100,000 or More From Your Mortgage

Niyama Pandya
Phone: 303-558-2347 
Email: Niyama777@Yahoo.com

For the past 10-years, Niyama has been working in Real Estate in Boulder, Colorado in the USA. During these years she was immersed in many real estate transactions for both buyers and sellers, which included knowledge of contracts, negotiation and fulfilling contractual agreements. In addition she was in charge of listing and marketing properties for sellers, through on-line and print advertising, designing marketing materials and managing multiple on-line sites for advertising.  Marketed and Listed a 15-Unit solar village in Longmont, CO.

Her community experience includes living in intentional communities in America (2-years), India (6-years) and Singapore (2-years). These communities were multiculturally diverse with residents and visitors from just about every country on the planet.  It was often necessary to learn to communicate well, despite the language differences, which often meant simply 'slowing down and paying attention'. Some of her job positions in these communities included: Receptionist, Construction, Caretaking, Supervising the Telephone, Telefax and Internet Department, Book Distribution Department, Meditation Center Owner and Manager, Cleaning Crew, Working in New York Book Publishing, Managing the Copyright Department,  Organizing group meetings for different departments and more. 

Recently, she also enrolled at the School for Integrative Nutrition and will be developing a part time career as a 'whole person' health counselor. She plans to incorporate her 30+ years of meditation/awareness experience with her knowledge of healthy, but bio-diverse nutritional programs, designed for the individual who faces challenges in living an energetic, vital, joyful life.

Essentially, her fun loving, adventurous spirit and sincere desire to make sure 'everyone is taken care of', her years of experience in management prior to her intentional community lifestyle, her superb international experience and her real estate knowledge, call forth this desire in her for creating an eco-village that will not only be a joyful life experience but a healthy one in body and spirit.